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Magnet fishing is a fantasticly addictive hobby that people worldwide enjoy on a regular basis. It’s growing at an amazing rate too with more people discovering it each and every day.

This site was put together by me – Graham – a hobbyist from the UK who discovered Magnet Fishing only last year along with my son Sam.

We bought a simple get up after doing some research on the internet and took a trip to the local canal.

It was from that moment we (me more so LOL) that the addiction started.

Essentially Magnet Fishing involves throwing a magnet tied to a rope into a body of water but it’s the not knowing what’s coming out next which is the addictive part.

You could find all sorts, mostly other people’s junk but occasionally you can find a stash of coins, bullets or weapons, cast aside bikes and more. It’s all “treasure”, stuff that you find and can keep and you never know what you’re going to get. Just check out some of the news stories above to see the wide diversity of stuff you can find.

Also, check out the resources and other fantastic places on the internet where nerds the world over talk about their latest find or equipment. It’s a simple hobby but it’s a really good one.

Also, we’re cleaning up the lakes and canals of the world as we go!

Click Here For A Complete Guide To Magnet Fishing

Although I’m in the UK I’m happy to show news stories from the USA and also around the world, same goes for resources and videos too.

If you have a resource you’d like me to show or something you want me to review or have an opinion then please get in touch, you can either fill in the contact form on the contact page or go onto the Facebook or Twitter pages.